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dicembre 13, 2014

Drones to support police operations in Italy. Whereas we shouldn’t forget that those unmanned surveillance, flying vehicles couldn’t at all function and be controlled by satellite and MUOS (MUOS=huge military antenna and ionospheric heater, located in Sicily/Italy), without the help of chemtrails to artificially create a total unnatural, electromagnetic atomosphere. The drones’ application-range goes from Afghanistan and Libya to town-square, protest marches, and demonstrations surveillance, as well as monitoring of street initiatives which have as purpose the fighting against the austerity, inflicted by the Italian Government to its citizens. So the drones of the Military Aeronautics after having been applied in the various Middle East and African main wars, are now passed on to the two Italian Police Forces, namely the “Federal State Police” and the other Federal State Police, called “Carabinieri”, in order to be used as federal surveillance instruments, for the scrutiny of the environment and the intervention, as far as the “public order” is concerned. During the last days, the Italian Aeronautics Command has signed an agreement to set up “a competition, having drones as a subject, to be used in federal activity by the Federal State Police and the Federal Police Force “Carabinieri”.

The legislation which never has been discussed by the Italian Parliament, has been signed by the Chief of Aeronautics, General Pasquale Preziosa, as well as by the Chief of the Police Forces, Alessandro Pansa and by the Head of the Carabinieri Police Force, General Leonardo Gallitelli. As a consequence, the Military Aeronautics has now an active part in the so-called “prevention of anti-crime” over the Italian territory; their drones, or may we better say, “Big Brother” is entitled to spy on all Italian Counties and single citizens, 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

By Antonio Mazzeo Blog.

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