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Government,why don’t you describe your drawing to the people?

giugno 3, 2013


If you do nothing to stop the chemical spraying of populations by aircraft, and do not warn all the kids playing soccer and breathing in heavily……. Imagine how mad many will be if you do not take action.

Learn about the chemical spraying by aircraft that is ongoing – LOOK UP, OBSERVE AIRCRAFT, & THEIR TRAILS.

You (& police, police chief, RCMP, etc) are being informed of BODILY HARM. It is requested of you to give a copy of this NOTICE to any and all peace officers ASAP – without delay.
WARNING: There is a spraying operation underway over our country, making people sick, agitated & exhausted Look up CHEMTRAILS on the Internet.
The government and mainstream media are covering up the fact there are aircraft on most days spraying a mixture which is very bad for people’s health over many countries: the UK, USA, most European countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Millions of people are filming the aircraft as they are spraying. Thousands of videos are at YouTube and other video sites. Many millions of people around the world are alarmed by this criminal spraying and are trying to find a way to stop it. “LOOK UP” IN THE SKY: On most days you will see there are some aircraft which leave no trail or a short trail behind them (this is normal),and you will see other aircraft which leave a very long or continuous trail. If you watch for one hour, you will see that the very long trails do not disappear, they expand in size, and eventually you can see that the POWDER which makes up these trails has come right down to ground level, and covers the windows of homes, cars, etc. The powder has been analysed hundreds of times, and is shown to be a highly dangerous substance. We have all been breathing large quantities of this substance for many years. It has a very bad effect on all life, not just humans. This is BODILY HARM. It affects soil properties. This is PROPERTY DAMAGE.
Seeking protection.

1) Condensation trails form at elevations well over 30,000 feet, and closer to 35,000 feet.
2) (a) Condensation trails dissipate in less than a minute, and never grow in size to take the sun out of the picture as condensation evaporates. This means that contrails are hundreds of feet in length, and not miles across the sky. Contrails do not spread out, getting larger, rather CONTRAILS evaporate, getting smaller.
2) (b) Chemical trails are laid out and linger, spread out, and when the population is repeatedly sprayed, chemical trails eventually block the suns rays, many of which are critical for life on earth (UV light).
3) Air traffic is not permitted to fly over and near very busy airports. Many airports have 1,000 take offs and landings a day – or more.
4) Flight traffic near major airports would all be less than 10,000 feet as air traffic is either coming in for a landing, or just taking off.
5) There should be no white trails at all over any major airport, or within a 10 mile radius (at least) of any major airport unless they are chemical sprays.
6) Enroute flight paths are designated “highways in the sky”, and deviation of flight path would lead to an air force jet intervention and more.
7) There are literally millions of photos of chemical trails in a parallel configuration, as well as a TIC-TAC-TOE pattern. This goes against the flight enroute paths of designated routes in the sky as enroute flight paths are not parallel nor gridlike all over the map. The white trails (CHEMTRAILS) we actually now see do not conform to travel along designated enroute flight paths. The spraying of chemicals over populations is an intentional act that is premeditated.8 ) The chemical trails are also seen in grid or parallel patterns – even in WARNING airspace, RESTRICTED airspace, which would require intervention by the air force, and NORAD. Since we do not hear about such interventions, the military and NORAD approves of such chemical spraying operations over the populations by aircraft.
9) Flights coming into and out of a major airport do not follow parallel or grid like patterns. They fly in ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE CORRIDORS. Flights coming into or out of a major airport are less than 10,000 feet for many miles from an airport, ensuring clean skies within 10 mile diameter (easily) of any major airport. Cities with a major airport should have no condensation trails near it. Any trails would be chemical trails in the hopes of fooling many people that they are normal departures or arrivals or just chemical trails sprayed over populations for devious purposes.
10) NORAD, pilots, air traffic controllers, security, mechanics, service personnel, & politicians are too quiet on the issue. Since they are TRUSTED, they can get away with anything. They must be questioned first, and always.
11) ULTRAVIOLET light is necessary for vitamin D production in the skin.
12) Vitamin D production is necessary for health and life.
13) CHEMTRAILS and/or persistent trails (what ever you want to call it) – blocks the suns rays, virtually blocking ULTRAVIOLET light from getting to the earths surface, preventing healthy vitamin D production in your skin – notice the lack of clear sunny days due to trails spreading out and blocking your sun.
14) Government officials do not respond directly when asked about the issue – they never talk about what you want to talk about, yet they are there to serve you. NOTE – NARCISSISTS do not talk about what you want to talk about.
15) Millions of people are claiming that we are being sprayed with chemicals, calling the trails – CHEMTRAILS – yet there is no line up of pilots coming forward denying this or stating that the accusations of chemicals being sprayed is false. Similarly with AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS. Similarly with the military and her majesty.
16) There are publicly recognized people, now scared to spread information that populations are being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft. They are scared to warn and inform the public. Intimidation.17) There are mentions of higher profile people dying, causing wonder and fear about speaking up freely – intimidation.
18) Millions of people are claiming that we are being sprayed by chemicals, calling the trails – CHEMTRAILS – yet there is no line up of police coming forward denying this or stating that the accusations of chemicals being sprayed is false.


19) Police have been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
20) RCMP have been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
21) The military have been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
22) CSIS have been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
23) The Prime Minister of Canada`s office has been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
24) Canadian Members of Parliament have been informed about the concern of populations being sprayed with chemicals by aircraft.
25) PERSONS mentioned in 19) to 24) have not heard the concerns shared with them, nor acknowledge the concerns.
26) It is the duty of PERSONS in 19) to 24) to protect humans, not just CROWN PERSONS.
27) PERSONS in 19) to 24) may have committed crimes through omission and criminal negligence – CC s467.11.
28) In the Civil Air Navigation Services Commercialization Act – – the following is important as to WHO knows:
HER MAJESTYMarginal note:Binding on Her Majesty
3. This Act is binding on Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province.
Marginal note:Aircraft
4. This Act applies in respect of every aircraft in Canadian airspace or any other airspace in respect of which Canada has responsibility for the provision of air traffic control services.
29) In the Criminal Code of Canada: under section 2 – definitions:
“Canadian Forces” means the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada
30) In the Canadian Criminal Code: section 46 – ….high treason…. “imprisons or restrains her” ( = life in jail)
31) In the Canadian Criminal Code: section 49 – ….treason…. “alarm Her Majesty” ( = 14 years in jail)
32) In the Canadian Criminal Code: section 5:
Canadian Forces not affected
5. Nothing in this Act affects any law relating to the government of the Canadian Forces.
33) Most taxes – or maybe all taxes – in Canada – “is a debt due to Her Majesty in right of Canada” –
see section 97.22 (1) of the CUSTOMS ACT.
34) In the Remote Sensing Space Systems Act (S.C. 2005, c. 45) – all raw satellite images are claimed by Her Majesty.
35) “absolute power corrupts absolutely”
36) In the Bank of Canada Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. B-2), – section 17 (2) under CAPITAL AND SHARES – …” (2) The capital shall be divided into one hundred thousand shares of the par value of fifty dollars each, which shall be issued to the Minister to be held by the Minister on behalf of Her Majesty in right of Canada.”
37) In the Royal Canadian Mint Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. R-9), -under section 3.1 (3) The shares of the Mint are not transferable and when issued to the Minister in accordance with this Act shall be registered in the books of the Mint in the name of the Minister and held by the Minister in trust for Her Majesty in right of Canada.
38) Her Majesty has absolute power.
39) In the Canadian criminal Code – Punishment of seditious offences
61. Every one who
(a) speaks seditious words,
(b) publishes a seditious libel, or
(c) is a party to a seditious conspiracy,
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.
40) In the Excise Tax Act – the GST goes to Her Majesty – not the people of Canada –
it is also a debt due to Her Majesty.
Division II
Goods and Services Tax
Subdivision a
Imposition of Tax
Marginal note:Imposition of goods and services tax
165. (1) Subject to this Part, every recipient of a taxable supply made in Canada shall pay to Her Majesty in right of Canada tax in respect of the supply calculated at the rate of 5% on the value of the consideration for the supply.
41) “HMS” – Her or His Majesty’s Ship (HMS)
42) HMS ships were part of the attack on Libya – Libya never attacked anyone.
43) The symbol of the crown is at the top of every local police car emblem.
44) The symbol of the crown is at the top of every RCMP emblem.
45) The symbol of the crown is at the top of every provincial police car emblem.
46) The symbol of the crown is at the top of every border services emblem.
47) The symbol of the crown is at the top of every emblem in a court.
48) The symbol of the crown is at the top of Canadian Coat of Arms.
49) The Canadian Constitution is owned by the Crown. It spells out the provinces and territories. Provincial Statutes then lay out “The City of Ottawa Act”, etc. Everything isowned or claimed by the crown, including your children, cars and homes.
50) The CROWN has absolute power and cannot be reached.
51) A PILOT STATES: “It takes -70 F degrees below, and 60% humidity to make them (condensation trails). I have seen aircraft making trails in the air…that were several thousand feet lower than some planes not making trails at 22,000 feet.”
52) A PILOT STATES: The “CAVU” rating has not been given to pilots for several years now. (CAVU = CLEAR AND VISIBILITY UNRESTRICTED)
53) It takes at least 50 miles for a commercial plane to get to 30,000 feet – still not altitudes for condensation trails.
54) It takes at least 100 miles for a commercial plane to go from 30,000 feet to landing – meaning, there should be no condensation trails from that plane for at least 100 miles.
55) Pilots are reporting unidentifiable aircraft above and below them – aircraft is not showing up on their system, or their personal devices. The transponders of those unidentifiable aircraft are not sending signals.
56) Chemical trails are laid out at the same altitudes – meaning that when a spraying operation is ongoing, they are laid out at one altitude region. NONSPRAYING normal commercial aircraft in the sky are at many altitudes.
57) Banners and signs asking for the stoppage of chemical spraying of populations by aircraft go un-noticed and neglected by peace officers and other systems people.
58) There are air traffic controllers that know what is going on about the chemical spraying of populations, and refuse to speak out and protect the public. THEY ARE SCARED & INTIMIDATED.
59) There are pilots that know what is going on about the chemical spraying of populations, and refuse to speak out and protect the public. THEY ARE SCARED & INTIMIDATED.
60) There are aircraft mechanics that know what is going on about the chemical spraying of populations, and refuse to speak out and protect the public. THEY ARE SCARED & INTIMIDATED.
61) Whatever chemicals are being sprayed, they come down and are breathed into the lungs by millions of people, endlessly.62) Pilots have seen clouds that are indicative of CTs under 20,000 feet quite often.
63) They are spraying chemicals over populations at night as well.
64) Pilots are confirming that a chemical spraying operation is done at a targeted elevation, and all chemical spraying in conjunction with that spraying is at or near the same elevation.
65) Chemtrails start leaving their trails immediately – immediately visible – no gap from trail to plane. They make it look like it’s from each engine but true jet exhaust freezes further back!
66) While in a commercial plane, WHILE LOOKING DOWN, odd color of trails or formations are obvious – where as moisture is WHITE.
67) Aerodomes (aiports) have extremely tight security – the public will never know what goes on beyond a certain point – neither will many (most) peace officers.
68) With Aerodomes (airports) having such tight security where most peace officers cannot even know what is going on behind the security wall, it is very possible for covert activities to take place.
69) There are numerous incidents where many aircraft spray over the population in formation. NORMAL Commercial aircraft do not fly in formation.
70) Many “systems people” only know information on a “need to know” basis. This is how corruption is protected. Those who want to know more – get stopped right there – because THAT extra information is not part of their job. This is how secret operations remain secret with so few knowing what is going on.
71) Some aircraft have only 1 trail – yet have 2 or more engines. This would suggest engine failure (which is often reported and unheard of), or intentional chemical spraying of populations.
72) Condensation trails at elevations over 30,000 feet are ice crystals that have mass, and fall to the earth and melt/vaporize. There is no “taking the sun out” when condensation trails are present. Chemical trails have NANO-SIZED metals and do not melt or vaporize, and therefore spread to “take the sun out” – thereby blocking UV light from reaching the earth, affecting the ability of vitamin D production in the skin. This poses a health risk to life. It is an assault. It is bodily harm.73) Sunlight is Earth’s primary source of energy. The suns energy is harnessed through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis by plants captures the energy of sunlight and converts it to chemical form (oxygen and reduced carbon compounds). The chemical spraying of populations by aircraft seriously affects life on earth because it blocks sunlight. It risks life. It is an assault. It is a crime against humanity.
74) A PILOT STATES: There is an aviation company called Evergreen in the USA that does not have to fly by any vector rules. They have many, and I mean many large aircraft that are fitted with holding tanks for their chemical disbursement .
75) Contrails form when the temperature at altitude is -40c and humidity is above 60%. Contrails will dissipate normally in about a minute. The trails that do not dissipate in a minute are laced with chemicals. A pilot stated this.
76) When visibility of the sky from the ground is low or poor, populations are not able to see the chemical trails being sprayed over and above them.
77) Many Pilots know about the spraying operations of populations. Most are scared to lose their jobs or even worse. Most say that even if they come out, the media will not tell the story, and their efforts will be in vain.
78) Spraying operations have been done incrementally (so that the population would not notice), and it is now done on a mass scale.
79) It is known that a 13 nanometer diameter ALUMINUM OXIDE is one of the compounds that have been sprayed. The diameter of the ALVIOLI in the lungs are 235,000 nanometers. The lungs have no chance for defense against something so small (13 to 235,000 ratio) that will easily become an irritant – in the least. Lung issues ensue. The OXYGEN, being smaller than its ALUMINUM host, will “dump” its Aluminum bond, leaving an IONIZED Aluminum ion at the ALVIOLI site. Aluminum, in ion form, in microsecond or shorter time span, being 64 times more positively charged than anything negatively charged within blood flow, will cause clumping right there and then (because it is equivalent to a super strong magnet) with an atom smaller than itself (most tissue atoms are smaller than ALUMINUM). This is the beginning of health issues from the chemical spraying of populations. Other chemicals suspected of being sprayed are BARIUM, STRONTIUM, SULFIDES, etc…. All toxic.
80) With days of heavy spraying by aircraft, there appears to be no concern for the healthof little kids who play organized sports outdoors – where there is heavy breathing.
81) The blocking of the sun’s rays by CHEMICAL TRAILS, solar energy is less available for solar panels. This financial damage is in the millions of dollars at least.
82) The trails, if they were frozen vapor crystals, would fall towards the earth, and reach warmer temperatures and melt, leaving a clear blue sky rather than the whitish haze with lower visibility.
83) Vapour trails or contrails – evaporate, and dissipate, leaving a clear sky. Chemical trails do not evaporate, and do not dissipate, rather they diffuse and block clarity, and eventually fall to the earth leaving “ultra fine powdered coatings” and other chemicals found in soil tests. Similarly on cars and other surfaces.
84) Weather derivatives are now available. They originated in LONDON, ENGLAND.
85) Normal weather patterns get affected by CHEMTRAILS. Droughts are now more common where there is heavy and regular spraying.
86) Affecting rainfall gives a class of persons a financial advantage in the markets and in property or commodity acquisition.
87) Spraying chemicals from aircraft will cause health issues for many, and the issues can be blamed on other sources/explanations.
88) Spraying chemicals from aircraft is done without consent of those being sprayed.
89) “Systems people” such as police and others, have used MENTAL HEALTH as a way to intimidate from having a valid discussion or filing an incident report and a call for service – in effect refusing to take a complaint. The discussion and investigation is stopped. This is ABUSE of power. This is NARCISSITIC ABUSE.
90) Many people know about the chemical spraying of populations by aircraft, and are too intimidated and scared to report it to the police, RCMP, CSIS, or any other “systems people”.
91) If all aircraft were to fly less than 28,000 feet, it can be one way to ensure ways for the public to discern whether or not they are be sprayed with chemicals from aircraft.
92) The chemical spraying of populations by aircraft, and the total lack of protection or empathy by police and all other SYSTEMS PEOPLE is an epidemic NARCISSITIC ABUSE onthe world.
93) Some, many or most aircraft that are spraying chemicals over populations do not show up on webpages that show air traffic. This is suspicious and alarming.
94) Chemicals may be added to jet fuel that leave a chemical trail over populations. Aluminum Oxide is known to be one.
95) Some aircraft showing up on flight trackers are traveling in the opposite direction than that stated as its Route.
96) Any government or corporation that is acting by decision, had its decision of action from a human being who is ultimately traceable. This human is lower in status than a human being because that human is serving a corporation or government who ultimately serves humans.
97) If all humans are created equal, then kings and queens are impossible – except by consent or intimidation – usually intimidation involving fear and threats of harm in some form. These kings or queens or statespersons are of lesser status on the scale of life and serve/lead humans as a servant. Other humans (free humans) are of a higher status than the mentioned “persons” with rights and duties ascribed to them. Free humans only need to say NO to stop all interactions with lower status humans ( known as “legal persons”).
98) Military refueling tankers have been seen refueling passenger planes. Aerial refueling is used exclusively by military aircraft. There is no known regular civilian in-flight refueling activity.
“That’s odd… I never heard of anything but military planes doing refuelling. Definitely something fishy. BTW, there were at least 9 CT planes I saw this morning on the way to NC from FL…”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “any details on that like elevations? any pics?”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “Oh yes.. 26,0000ft . Then I found some trails at 20, and I have a pic of some stuff really low, just north of the FL border.”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “about that pic,,,, could it be an engine flush? in mid air?”WORDS FROM A PILOT: “I doubt it.. but hey all kinds of strange things happening.”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “what does it look like what they r doing in that pic”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “I really don’t know… I mean an engine flush is possible.. but I don’t understand ‘why’ they would do one in that configuration. Very odd. It’s not something I’d seen done..”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “could it be to clean out evidence of chemicals?”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “Well.. that ran through my mind….. especially if the engine were going to be serviced in the near future…. It’s not a normal procedure.”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “what about refuelling – does it look like that is going on?”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “No…. doesn’t look like refueling at all. There would be a port on top of the plane, not by the engine…”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “right, that is what I would have thought ok, so what are the possibilities? even if ridiculous”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “I have seen a lot of refueling stuff, and actually know several people who have operated the booms. …. You got me.. your guess was mine.
I just have to say I have never seen that in normal operations.”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “does a jet like that get refuelled in mid air (the A300)?”
ANSWER FROM PILOT: “NO… a standard airline jet would not have the ports for refueling.”
“But with all this secret business going on…. I suppose the airlines are working together on this.”

WORDS FROM A PILOT: “I know Southwest has been seen CTing…”
QUESTION TO PILOT: “how do u know?”
WORDS FROM A PILOT: “Well… there is a video I watched… and a man had 20 X 80 binoculars and was able to see the logo. I myself have seen SW leaving longer trails that other planes, though they are not quite as bad as some of the more obvious CT planes.”
100) Canadian Criminal Code section 467.11 –
Participation in activities of criminal organization
467.11 (1) Every person who, for the purpose of enhancing the ability of a criminalorganization to facilitate or commit an indictable offence under this or any other Act of Parliament, knowingly, by act or omission, participates in or contributes to any activity of the criminal organization is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
Marginal note:Prosecution
(2) In a prosecution for an offence under subsection (1), it is not necessary for the prosecutor to prove that
(a) the criminal organization actually facilitated or committed an indictable offence;
(b) the participation or contribution of the accused actually enhanced the ability of the criminal organization to facilitate or commit an indictable offence;
(c) the accused knew the specific nature of any indictable offence that may have been facilitated or committed by the criminal organization; or
(d) the accused knew the identity of any of the persons who constitute the criminal organization.
Marginal note:Factors
(3) In determining whether an accused participates in or contributes to any activity of a criminal organization, the Court may consider, among other factors, whether the accused
(a) uses a name, word, symbol or other representation that identifies, or is associated with, the criminal organization;
(b) frequently associates with any of the persons who constitute the criminal organization;
(c) receives any benefit from the criminal organization; or
(d) repeatedly engages in activities at the instruction of any of the persons who constitute the criminal organization.
2001, c. 32, s. 27.

101) The world has been NARCISSISTICALLY ABUSED long enough.
102) Chemtrails…. are reported to have many heavy metal nano particulates…..rain and snow analysis confirms the atmosphere has excessively high concentrations of heavy metals that should not be there….we now see new persistent trails from planes in our sky and an increase in wispy cirrus clouds…..that were very rare before the mid 1990’s.103) Pilots are reporting that there are many CHEMTRAIL PLANES making passes back and forth, and shutting off their sprayers on the turns.
104) Pilots are reporting that planes are making trails (CHEMTRAILS) at 28,000 feet, which is not possible in the conditions they were experiencing as the normal contrails are formed at much higher elevations (around 35,000 feet).
105) Some PILOTS are speaking out and are sick to death with regards to CHEMTRAILS.
106) The CAVU forecast is no longer used on aviation forecasts for pilots – they now see P6 (better than 6 miles visibility).
107) Use to see Boston from Manchester, even when there is no clouds, it is sometimes hard to find an airport from even 5 miles away – reports from a pilot. Used to be able to see 50 miles away (and more) at times. With the help of a GPS, pilot was able to see airport 3 miles away. This is due to the chemical spraying by aircraft.
108) Those pilots who are middle age, have seen the changes in visibility, and have seen chemicals being sprayed out of aircraft. The newer pilots are only used to what they started with.
109) Pilot makes comment – Puffy little cirrus clouds at an altitude that I am not used to seeing them at. I see the clouds that are indicative of chemtrails. They are not clouds, they are killing us.
110) Pilots and mechanics do talk about chemtrails.
111) Air traffic controllers know that chemtrails have been sprayed for years. Controllers give blocks of airspace that is protected – free to do whatever the pilots of those aircraft want to do or commanded to do.
112) Pilot reports – Rust colored spots all over the airplane after a chemtrail spraying operation.
113) Pilots were flying for the federal reserve a day and a half after the 911 event.
114) Attempts have been made to inform the chief of police about chemtrails, by citizens, and it is impossible to inform the chief of police about chemtrails. The chiefs staff blocks all such chemtrail information from getting to the chief of police. The chief would likely have to act and escalate to the military to investigate.115) There appears to be MIMIC paths, mimicking a flight landing at an airport, but at 20,000 feet in the arrival corridor, whereas aircraft are less than 10,000 feet who are truly landing. This is considered a trick to fool the public about chemtrails.
116) Because police, RCMP, CSIS, PM’s office, etc, are not listening to the public’s concern about the chemical spraying of populations by aircraft, and not acting in any way at all to protect he public, they are in effect making the public “sitting ducks”, ready to be harmed. This leaves the public defenceless. This is NARCISSITIC ABUSE on the population.
117) HAARP – Beam into the ionosphere 1 to 3.5 billion watts of radio energy. It changes the characteristics of the ionosphere. Imagine a heat column going up there. The jet stream comes into contact or nears this heat column, the jet streams can be pushed north or south of it. The radio waves also affect the chemical particles sprayed, and cause a rippling look – a corrugated effect.
118) The chemicals sprayed by aircraft are landing on our oceans, rivers, streams, soils, crops, trees, on bees (now dying off), livestock, pets, and more horrific, it is landing on us as well.
119) The environmental impacts – we are seeing acidification of our oceans, our soil PH’s are altered, our crops are stressed, trees are dying. Aluminum is bad for air quality, our ozone, marine life, and our pollinators.
120) You can choose what you eat and drink, but you cannot choose what air you breath. This requires police protection of the public. This requires escalation.
121) Milder impacts of chemical spraying of populations by aircraft: people suffer from headaches, suffer from colds for 3 weeks now, sinus problems, increased susceptibility to viruses, asthma, muscle weakness, eye and skin irritation, auto-immune, etc.
122) Aluminum is linked to numerous neurological disorders. Short term memory loss, SAD, chronic bronchitis, liver damage, Alzheimer’s, dementia.
123) Barium is not good for the heart (cardiac system).
124) The Aluminum Oxide (10 nanometer diameter) being sprayed, is taken in by breathing, food, skin contact. It damages the central nervous system. It is related to dementia, Alzheimer’s, short term memory loss, lethargy, severe trembling, pulmonary fibrosis, LUNGDAMAGE. (the ALVIOLI in the lungs are 230,000 nanometers in diameter, making Aluminum Oxide an irritant in the least – no defense against such a small particle being sprayed)
125) Barium is soluble in water. It increases blood pressure, weakened or aching muscles are associated with barium, stomach irritation, changes in nerve reflexes, difficulties in breathing (asthma), Barium also depletes Potassium levels, headaches, dry eyes, sore throats.
126) Sulfur dioxide is also known to be sprayed over populations by aircraft. It has neurological effects and causes behavioural changes, it affects blood flow, it affects our eyesight and reproductive system, it affects the immune system and hearing and stomach and kidneys and damages liver and its function, it disturbs hormonal metabolism and has dermatological effects.
127) The effects of reduced sunlight – increased molds, mildew, greater susceptibility to viruses, reduced crop yields, ecosystems have issues as all ecosystems rely on photosynthesis, SAD (people being under this blanket of “cloud”, vitamin D deficiency (necessary for health and life), solar panel output decrease (up to 50%).
128) Global dimming – a staggering 22% drop in sunlight – this dimming is caused by the chemical spraying by aircraft.
129) There should be no Aluminum in rain and snow samples, unless there is intentional spraying of chemicals by aircraft.
130) Rain samples have shown numerous and high levels of chemicals where none ought to be there. This helps prove that aircraft are spraying chemicals over populations.
131) Drinking water samples have shown numerous and high levels of chemicals where none ought to be there. This helps prove that aircraft are spraying chemicals over populations.
132) Air samples have shown numerous and high levels of chemicals where none ought to be there. This helps prove that aircraft are spraying chemicals over populations.
133) A lot of people don`t know about this because they are being compartmentalized – knowledge on an as need to know basis.
134) If nobody accepted the concept of – on an as need to know basis – and took on a responsible position of wanting to know to protect all, corruption would be exposed quickly.135) As soon as you make people feel guilty, it is easy to control them.
136) NASA states in 2005 – manmade clouds and haze are trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming.
137) More manmade clouds + aviation emission = global warming = disaster
138) The manmade clouds act as a blanket around the earth, keeping heat in, causing global warming.
139) Reasons to spray chemicals over populations by aircraft:
a) to control the weather = playing God
b) manipulate public opinion
c) social control mechanism
d) control food supply and cost – we all need food
e) corporate profit
f) enhance military capability
g) geopolitical agendas
140) Modification of weather can:
a) create extreme floods
b) droughts dissipate the rain
c) storms
d) hurricanes
e) erosion
f) hail damage
g) blizzards
h) water shortages
141) Manipulation of public opinion – can convince people of manmade climate change, that leads to a carbon tax (payable to her majesty), and ideas such as Agenda 21
142) Corporate profit – you can bet on the weather – weather derivatives – where the “house” always wins. Commodities trading, futures market. If you have knowledge of weather manipulation, it will be easy to make financial gains.
143) GOLDMAN bankers get rich on betting food prices as millions starve.144) Days of cold weather can be created, similarly with warm weather.
145) MONSANTO has brought out Aluminum seed resistant PATENTS.
146) Any human, or groups of humans, who set out to block sunlight without the collaboration and consent of all life is PLAYING GOD. They are likely PSYCHOPATHS, and need to be identified, peacefully restrained and segregated. This also includes all those who assist with the blockage of sunlight. SUNLIGHT IS NECESSARY FOR LIFE ON EARTH.
147) Many people feel that they are being “SPRAYED LIKE BUGS”. Also alarming is how police and others are ignoring such complaints.
148) Let no officer of any and all classes claim ignorance as an excuse for their inaction to investigate and/or arrest those who spray chemicals from aircraft over populations. Let no officer of any and all classes claim ignorance as an excuse for their inaction to investigate and/or arrest those ASSIST – directly or indirectly – those who spray chemicals from aircraft over populations.

By  Michael Fredrickson.

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